14 Jan

In making good on our word to help support and motivate the social progress of women and in honor of the First Lady of Rwanda and her commitment to education and empowerment of women, at HOPE ACADEMY RWANDA, we proudly have 64% female, 36% male employees (including administration, teaching faculty and nonacademic staff) as of January 2017.

Today in Rwanda, women secure 64 per cent of seats after the latest Rwandan parliamentary elections. The nearest following country is Bolivia with 53 per cent.
(Source: http://www.ipu.org/ (Inter-Parliamentary Union))

Note: The 2003 Rwandan constitution provides for a minimum 30 per cent quota for women in all decision-making organs, covering the bi-cameral Parliament, political parties, and other government bodies. 24 of 80 seats in the lower house of Parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, are reserved for women.

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