31 Jan

On Tuesday, January 31, 2017, Hope Academy Rwanda celebrated this year’s Heroes Day, with the topic ‘Heroism is making choices that fit us’. In attendance were students, staff, and parents alongside the guest of honor, Mr. Denis Karera, chairman of Kigali Heights.

Heroism is making choices that fit us

The celebration featured a panel discussion moderated by Madam Atete, vice-chairperson of the HAR Parents Committee and student question and answer session, as well as a speech from both Principal Mr. Isa and HAR Parents Committee Chairperson Mr. Leonard. Additionally, three students presented speeches and poems on the topic of making choices to become more heroic in their everyday lives, including a selection of excerpts from His Excellency Paul Kagame’s most inspirational speeches.

In total, more than 90 students and 30 staffs were in attendance, as well as some parents from the Parents Committee at HAR. Students across primary and secondary had prepared posters and essays on the topic of their heroes, which were on display. In the lessons leading up to the event, students were taught about Heroes Day in Rwanda, the different categories of heroes and the history of Rwanda.

Teacher Jerret Raffety, the secondary school English teacher, said that the event was very well executed. ‘It was incredibly interesting to hear stories about Rwanda directly from someone who has played such a huge part in Rwandan history’ he said after the event, adding that the fact that students can be everyday heroes was a great point that the event emphasized. Orla Kayonga, a grade 9 student, said that ‘Mr. Karare made the topic so interesting and fun; he was an inspiration to me.’ Numerous other students agreed and said they were inspired to make choices that positively affect their day-to-day life and community.

Mr. Denis Karera discussed in detail his experiences liberating Rwanda and how he helped create the Rwanda we know today as well as his view of heroism in Rwanda, what it means to be a hero and Rwanda’s history. He shared ideas with the students about how they can become heroes, including becoming more compassionate, helping vulnerable people and self-sacrifice. His stories kept the attention of all students and staff, and it was apparent that he is passionate to inspire the young people in Rwanda to make the right choices to create positive change.

Hope Academy Rwanda wishes to extend its warmest gratitude to Mr. Karera, who honored his appointment with HAR and spoke so engagingly with students and staffs. Also, special thanks go to Mr. Leonard and Madam Atete, who so diligently organized the event including inviting Mr. Karera as a guest of honor.

This celebration of Heroes Day with the HAR community was a successful event at which the school’s appreciation for different cultures stood out. Learning about Rwanda’s history, culture and national celebration days are vitally important for all of the students and staff, because all work together with a special consideration for Rwandan culture.

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