Facilities at Hope Academy Rwanda (HAR) include: playgrounds, swimming pool, infirmary, football and basketball fields, table tennis and indoor games, science and computer labs, spacious classrooms, art and music rooms, and a cafeteria in a large complex located in Gisozi, Kigali.

In the campus security, safety education and joy of the students are taken into account while building and furnishing the school. Students will find modern, spacious classes. Specially designed facilities, carefully designed international curriculum (Cambridge ICT Starters, Cambridge Primary, Secondary-1, IGCSE), experienced international teaching staff and more are ready for students. We hope all our students will feel at home here.


The school has the following facilities:

    1. Classes: Spacious fully equipped colourful classrooms. Each class has got an up to date computer linked to the school’s network system with the internet access. A projector connected to the computer and electronic board used in the class for multimedia purposes and teaching lesson with graphics such as online demonstrations, educational software, application of educational videos and online lessons so that the students can listen to and see the explained topic. The touch-sensitive interactive whiteboard is connected to the computer and digital projector to show the image. The teacher can control computer applications directly from the interactive whiteboard called SMARTBOARDS. Classes range from daycare to grade 11 (grade 12 to be opened following years) and vary in number of students from 15 to 24.


    2. Science laboratory: The science laboratory is situated on the ground floor and is fully equipped with workbenches and up to date equipment. The science laboratory has got an up to date computer linked to the school’s network system with the internet access. A projector connected to the computer used in the laboratory for multimedia purposes such as online demonstrations, science software, application of science videos and online lessons so that the students can listen to and see how science work.


    3. Swimming Pool: The swimming pool is built especially for children located in the backyard. The swimming pool is regularly checked and cleaned by our staff for health risks. Children are always supervised by swimming teacher, teachers, and assistant teachers during lessons as safety precautions.


    4. Computer Lab: The Computer Lab is equipped with up to date computers. It also has individual workstations for students, a network system linking all the computers in the Computer room. All computers have the internet access. The student computer ratio is 1:1.


    5. Canteen and Buffet: There is a canteen selling hot meals, pastries, snacks, drinks and stationary items on the first floor.

    6. Lunch area: There is a specially designed lunch area on the second floor where children eat their snack and lunch under the supervision of teachers and assistant teachers.

    7. Trained and experienced teachers: All the teachers have some years of experience in their own fields. The majority have completed university courses with components in Education. Foreign teachers have university degrees and a postgraduate teaching qualification with other international qualifications and training certifications.

    8. Art room: Spacious art room with specially designed drawing desks has been established to let the students work more comfortably.

    9. Cinema Room: This room is located on the top floor. In the multimedia room a projector is linked to sound system that can play CD, VCD, DVD and tape. The room is also used for general meetings, conferences, programs and HAR activities.

    10. Reception: The Reception office is on the ground floor, through the main entrance. The receptionists are able to communicate in English, French and Kinyarwanda and serve as an interpreter in these two/three languages when necessary.

    12. Music room: The music room is equipped with guitars, organs and special desks to serve the students during music lessons and any other extracurricular activities.

    13. Outdoor play areas: There are outside play areas where students can play games such as hide and seek, football, basketball etc. during the breaks.

    14. Playground: Playgrounds are ready to be used safely by children. No need to mention the laughter that is rising from the playgrounds and prepares children for the lesson by discharging their excess energy.

    16. Computerized administration: The administration is linked to a computer network system and has complete computer facilities including printers, e-mail, and internet access.

    17. Teachers’ Room: The teachers’ rooms are located on the first floor and equipped with computers that are linked to the school network system and have access to the internet.

    18. Toilets: Toilets are on each floor, accessible to all students and staff.

    19. Dance Room: Just next to the music room on the ground floor is the dance room for students to practice traditional or modern dance for school events and extracurricular activities.

    20. Library: Being a multilingual library with over ten thousand books, it is located on the ground floor with a full-time librarian which allows all the students to borrow and return books any time during school hours. Our lively, welcoming and well-resourced school library gives pupils positive experiences of books, computers and other media. It shares the ethos and values of the whole school, is an effective and economical shared resource and a center for learning and literacy development. IT is an integral part of this learning environment. The school library promotes equality, diversity and inclusion. Its role is to help create confident, enthusiastic readers and engage children in life-long learning. There is a clear link between the quality of a school’s library and the general well-being of the pupils and their literacy levels.

    21. Exhibition Halls: We have two large halls for events like art exhibition, science fair etc.; one on the first the other on the second floor.

    22. Board Room: This is a meeting room for parents and administration. It is located on the ground floor behind the reception.

    23. Infirmary: Infirmary is always open, and our full-time school nurse is available at all times for any injuries or sickness. She keeps in touch with the parents in case needed.

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