Academic Curriculum


Academic Overview

The school's educational program is strongly guided by the objectives and statement of aims. Hope Academy (HAR) offer an international curriculum to the students. Although English is used as medium of instruction, the school is committed to following/implementing the standards expected of an international school and will continuously renew and upgrade its teaching resources in line with current trends in the international school community.

The curriculum framework provides for the development of the individual student, not just in the classroom but also through other mediums of learning. The program combines the best research and practice from a range of Rwandan national system with a wealth of knowledge from International Schools to create a relevant and engaging framework for all children.

Kindergarten Curriculum

This class is designed as a holistic, child-centered program that nurtures each child by offering carefully selected and carefully sequenced learning experiences. It provides wealth of lessons and activities to foster the social-emotional, intellectual and physical development of children. At the same time, we nurture the natural curiosity and sense of self that can serve as the foundation for a lifetime of learning. For children to grow intellectually, they must feel confident in their abilities and secure in their relationships with teachers, family members and peers. We address the social-emotional development in a number of ways. It is included in every lesson (via positive reinforcement), built into content connections (via interactive activities) and inherent in the way families are actively involved (via extra-curricular activities). You may see the subjects taught in your timetable given at the beginning of each year.

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