Dear HAR Student and Parent, in this section, you will find

the major rules and regulations that govern student

conduct at Hope Academy Rwanda (HAR).



HAR has the goal of helping each/every student fulfill his/ her intellectual, social, physical and emotional potential. Everything in HAR has been designed to create an orderly and distraction-free environment in which all the students can learn effectively and pleasantly. To foster this kind of a learning environment, HAR administrators and teachers shall not allow any misbehavior during school, on school property, or at or during any school-sponsored activities.

Every individual is entitled to courtesy and consideration. Students are expected to extend courtesy in their relationships. Actions, which injure others or words that hurt and insult are not tolerated at any time.

The administrators and the teachers are available to work with the students to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings. Students having conflicted problems should go to the duty teacher for help in resolving the immediate situation at once.

If anything happens to the students inside or outside the school area because of breaking the rules, the school is not responsible for any incident.

Please click the link below to download discipline handbook in pdf format.